Welcome to YardPodU, featuring Vintage High School, Napa, California.

We, the YardPod Guys are committed to further the cause of sustainability in everything that we do,

  • by designing YardPods for ease and efficiency in construction,
  • by specifying the most sustainable, durable and healthy materials in YardPods,
  • by designing for minimum energy use,
  • by prefabricating whenever possible in order to maximize quality and to minimize waste
  • by sourcing locally when we can to minimize our carbon footprint
  • by a process of continuous improvement, we are constantly seeking better ways to design build and deliver YardPods,
  • by freely sharing what we have learned with others,
  • by encouraging and supporting local teachers and students to create a new generation os citizens committed to sustainability.

We hope that this YardPodU website furthers the cause!

Malcolm and Marvin (the YardPod Guys)